Play Pieces

My animal play sculptures are carved and shaped with the chainsaw from single logs of wood which are sourced locally from tree surgeons and wind blown trees.

Safety features of my rocking pieces

All pieces are very stable and low to the ground. Maximum seat hight for horses is 70cm.
A wide overhang on all rockers and seesaw pieces avoids feet being trapped.
Rocking motion is safe on firm level ground.  Pieces are hard to topple over sideways.
No special safety surfacing required.

Rocking Ducks from £80 to £350
Rocking Horses from £200 to £600
Seesaw Rocking Pieces from £700

1. Large Chicken and Horse Rockers in oak 2. Large Chicken in oak 3. Rocking Horse in oak 4. Rocking Horse in oak 5. Mixed animal group in oak 6. Shark and Horse in oak 7. Rocking Cars in oak 8. Ducks in oak 9. Rocking Duck and Swan in beech 10. Two grooming Ducks in oak. 11. Large Duck Rocker in oak. 12. Large Rocking Duck in oak 13. Small Rocking Duck in oak. 14. Group of Rocking pieces in oak 14. Dog and Cat Seasaw in oak 15. Tall Rooster Seasaw Rocker in oak 16. Lion Seasaw in oak 17. Lion Rocker in oak 18. Cat and Duck Rockers in oak 19. Large Shark in oak 20. Dolphine Rocker on a Wave in oak 21. Whale and Shark Rockers in cedar 22. Shark and Whale Rockers in oak 23. Hippo Rocker in oak 24. Friedel tests the Couger